Like the guitars, mandolins are part of the plucked string section. They are made following the most ancient construction methods of the Italian tradition. The shell is made of rosewood or maple, the 33 or 34 staves are skilfully and patiently flanked and between a slat and another, a thread of a few tenths of a millimeter of thickness is applied which acts as a contrast.

The soundboard is in Spruce, personally decorated at the customer’s discretion, it can be inlaid with rosewood, walnut or mother of pearl. The handle remains in maple, for the reproduction of the oldest mandolins in veneered spruce. The fretboard is in ebony or rosewood and can be long (27 frets) or short (17 frets).

Always at the discretion of the customer, the instrument can be amplified or constructed with a smaller number of unscrambled staves.


Mandolin mod. Fiore 2019

Soundboard: Spruce Fir from Val di Fiemme
Body: Curly Maple (33 staves skilfully)
Keyboard: Ebony